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Kammerflage is pleased to announce a new way for our customers to earn big savings when purchasing our Kreations. As a year-round breeder of high quality panther chameleons, we always have groups hatching which you will not yet see on our website since they are too young to ship. Starting today, we will begin making available a limited number of these younger Kreations at tremendous savings! Here's how it works! -

  • These babies will be hatched and healthy, but the majority will be too young to ship right away. 
    Baby panthers emerge from their eggs tiny (dime sized) and it is crucial for them to grow for 2 - 4 months (depending on the individual) before shipping. The early stages of development are CRITICAL for a young panther, and we realize that there is a major benefit in monitoring each baby’s growth and overall health before sending them to their new families. By taking this time, it allows us the opportunity to ensure the little ones are strong and on target “health-wise” . . .  setting our valued customers up for success with their new panther chameleon.
  • Our panthers will have grown 6 to 10 times their original body mass before we deem them ready for their new homes. 
  • While VERY cute, baby Panther chameleons at this age do not yet possess the look of who they will become, so no pictures will be provided of them individually. What we will provide is FAR more important. Each group will show pictures of the sire, dam’s sire and older siblings (if available), to help you make your decision when purchasing. Our bloodlines are outstanding and have been developed over a very long time. Purchase with great confidence and enjoy the Big Savings!

  • NOTE: The animal in the main photo is the sire of the group, not the actual animal being made available.
  • Each group being offered will show the clutches hatch date range and an estimate of when they should be ready to come live with you.  Once the groups are posted, the “ready to ship date range” will normally be 2 to 8 weeks away with an occasional individual(s), ready now. The wait time for shipping gives everyone ample time to provide an excellent home for their new baby, BEFORE he/she arrives!)
  • Once the baby is ready for his or her new home, we will contact you to schedule a ship date.
  • NOTE:  Kammerflage Kreations will NEVER ship your new chameleon without your acknowledgement of readiness! Others might, we don’t.

  • Please be prepared to receive your new kreation in the estimated time frame. If you are not ready to receive him/her at that time you may reselect from another BESB group in the future of equal or lesser value. 
  • We WILL guarantee the sex of your panther! You need not worry about getting the right gender when you buy from Kammerflage Kreations . . . experience matters!
  • You are going to SAVE BIG!! Up to $100.00 off the everyday price of our “Hold-Backs”.

  • IMPORTANT: All BESB sales are final and are not refundable. 

Happy shopping! Happy savings!!

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