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Ambilobe Female - Sire: "Karamba-ady" (AKA Cage Combat) x Dam: "Zazabodo-manga" (AKA Baby Blue) - Hatched April 2018 - #1

Family / Lineage Info -

Sire: "Karamba-ady" (AKA Cage Combat)Karamba-ady

Dam: “Zazabodo-manga" (AKA Baby Blue)

Dam's Sire: "Telo-heny" (AKA Triple)
"Telo-heny" (AKA Triple)

About this pairing: (F8 Ambilobe group!) Well, sheesh! This pairing is just pure FIRE! I can hardly contain my excitement. We have the beautiful and spicy Karamba-ady (AKA Cage Combat) on dad's side, and on mama's side, it's Afo-rano (AKA Fire Water) who is absolutely STUNNING all on her own! The lovely Fire Water is a daughter of Manga-hay (AKA Blue Heat), (aka MORE fire), and we think that her and Mr. Combat are going to make amazing music together! 

Hatch Range: April 19 - 21, 2018

Shipping Info: Ready NOW for her forever home!
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CHAMELEON HOMEWORK: Check out episode 001 of The Chameleon Breeder Podcast for some awesome tips!! 
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