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Holdbacks/Individuals - Adult 3-way Locale Cross offspring from Bombay Sapphire x Destiny's Child - Hatched November 2021 - Male #1

Holdbacks/Individuals: The animal pictured above is the exact chameleon being made available. 

Hatch Range: 
November 1 - 7, 2021

Shipping Details: This Kreation is ready NOW for his forever home! We will get in touch with you directly via email to schedule your baby's delivery. No surprise chameleons at your doorstep!

Sire: "Bombay Sapphire" (F7-CG12)

Dam: "Destiny" (F7-CG11)

Dam's Sire: "Turambar" (F6-CG10)

Dam's grandsire on mom's side: "Telo-heny" (AKA Triple) (F7-CG9)

Important Note: Being an adult panther chameleon who has grown quite accustomed to his care routine, we HIGHLY recommend keeping things as familiar as possible for him...especially as he settles into his new home. We recommend this for babies and adults alike but it can be especially important for an adult who is more "set in his/her ways". Please be sure to read over our care guide to get the complete rundown on how he has been raised and cared for while with us. If you have ANY questions at all or would like to run his enclosure by us before we schedule his journey home, please do not hesitate to shoot us an email! We are happy to assist!

About this individual: 
Another untypical KK offering! This gorgeous and super unique looking adult cross male is indeed a breeder of ours who we are now looking to find a loving forever home. His name is "Mr. Krabs" (LOL), and up till' this point in his life, he has done a pretty good job living up to his name! He's not the most social fellow and does have somewhat of a grumpy, "get off my lawn" sort of personality. If his new family would like to work with him, I would recommend starting slow and being patient with him. He is not the absolute worst and it is definitely possible that he will come around with age, and perhaps some "socialization". Looks-wise, he has a lot going on! And as is typical with crosses, he has gone through some changes throughout his life! I will share a couple examples below and in his little "photo gallery" here on his page.
This is what he looks like currently -

This was him a few months back! - 

It will be interesting to see if he keeps his current look or continues to change! My money is on more changes! 
In his "photo gallery" above, we will start with images that show what he is currently looking with and end with a couple images that show his past looks.

He has a little healed scarring on his face from a sibling scuffle that took place when he was a baby. It's cosmetic only and fortunately very minor-

About this pairing: 
F7 (CG12) 3-Way Locale Cross group 
Locale Breakdown- 56.25% Nosy Be + 26.56% Ambanja + 17.19% Ambilobe 
What a fun combo! We love our locale cross pairings and all of the interesting possibilities that they bring to the table. This particular pairing combines true blue Nosy Be, some REALLY cool Ambanja bloodlines, and even a little red body blue bar Ambilobe! 

Caging + Accessories: Getting your new chameleon's habitat ready?! Be sure to visit our online store for all of your caging and husbandry needs! 
NEW Cage Kits, now available!

Appropriate Cricket Size/Feeding Schedule: 
1/2" - grown crickets
Currently eating 4 - 5 days a week, around 10 - 15 crickets per feeding. We dust our crickets with Repashy's Calcium Plus before feeding them out. All of our bugs are also gutloaded with Repashy's Bug Burger and fresh fruits and vegetables. 

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