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Holdbacks/Individuals - Ambanja offspring from Mr. Clutch x Viserra Targaryen - Hatched May 2021 - Male #1

NOTE- The baby who is pictured above is the EXACT baby being made available. 
Click here to read more about our holdbacks and individuals! 

*Please read important note about this individual in his description below*

*Hatch Range/Shipping Est: Hatched April 29 - May 17, 2021
Ready NOW for her forever home! We ship M-T-W of each week, for next day arrival. We will contact you BEFORE shipping to make sure you are ready for your new Kreation. 

Bloodline Information- 
Sire:  "Mr. Clutch" (F6-CG13)

Dam: "Viserra Targaryen" (F2-CG12)

Dam's Sire: "Elvis Costello" (F1-CG2)

Important note about this baby- Due to a previous sibling scuffle, this boy has some minor cosmetic imperfections- specifically around his eyes. He is healthy, has healed completely and will likely improve with age but being that his eyes may always look slightly "off", he is being offered at a nicely discounted price. We think that he's an outstanding little guy and look forward to seeing him off to a loving forever home!
About this pairing - F6 (CG14) Ambanja group 
We think this should be a pretty sweet pairing! Both Mr. Clutch and Viserra Targaryen have produced beautiful babies on their own so we imagine that combining the two should give us some seriously outstanding babies. Can't wait to watch the little guys and gals grow!

Caging + Accessories: Getting your new chameleon's habitat ready?! Be sure to visit our online store for all of your caging and husbandry needs! 

Appropriate Cricket Size/Feeding Schedule:
 1/2" size cricket to start
Currently eating 6 days a week, around 10 - 15 crickets per feeding. We dust our crickets with Repashy's Calcium Plus before feeding them out. All of our bugs are also gutloaded with Repashy's Bug Burger and fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Chameleon Care and Housing: By purchasing one of our Kreations, you are agreeing to provide the best care and housing to him or her possible. To learn about how your new chameleon has been raised here with us, please view the "Care & Housing" segment of our website. As always, we are here and happy to help if you have any questions! 

CHAMELEON HOMEWORK: Check out episode 001 of The Chameleon Breeder Podcast for some awesome tips!! 

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