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Holdbacks/Individuals - Ambanja offspring from "Turgon" x "Dale Bozzio" - Hatched July 2023 - Female #1

Holdbacks/Individuals: The animal pictured above is the exact chameleon being made available. 

Hatch Range: July 6 - August 12, 2023

Shipping Details: This Kreation is ready NOW for her forever home! We will get in touch with you directly via email to schedule your baby's delivery to the closest FedEx hub. 

Sire: "Turgon" (F8-CG14)

Dam: "Dale Bozzio" (F7-CG14)

Dam's Sire: "Marlowe" (F7-CG13)

About this baby: An absolute QUEEN. This girl has the most incredible "circular" markings! It's so unique! It's been very prominent since she was just a tiny thing and I love that it has stayed strong now that she's gotten a little bit of size to her. Colors are amazing. The oranges on her range from being almost neon at times to being this lovely, pumpkin-like reddish color. Amazing bloodlines as well...she's quite the catch!

Female Care: 
Be sure to visit page 12 of our online care guide for more information!

About this pairing: F8-CG15 Ambanja group
The wait is finally up for Turgon babies! He's been a favorite at the Kammerflage HQ and amidst our extended Kammerflage Family, especially after making an appearance at one of our last Reptile Super Shows! We are hoping that he passes off some of those insane electric blues to his offspring and imagine that they are going to be nothing less than spectacular!

Chameleon Care and Housing: By purchasing one of our Kreations, you are agreeing to provide the best care and housing to him or her possible. To learn about how your new chameleon has been raised here with us, please view the "Care & Housing" segment of our website. As always, we are here and happy to help if you have any questions! 

Caging + Accessories: Getting your new chameleon's habitat ready?! Be sure to visit our online store for all of your caging and husbandry needs! 
NEW Cage Kits, now available!

Appropriate Cricket Size/Feeding Schedule:  1/4" sized crickets to start
Currently eating 6 days a week, around 10 - 15 crickets per feeding. We dust our crickets with Repashy's Calcium Plus before feeding them out. All of our bugs are also gutloaded with Repashy's Bug Burger and fresh fruits and vegetables. 

KEEP IN TOUCH: Visit our LinkTree for all of our socials!

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