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Holdbacks/Individuals - Ambilobe offspring from "Samihafa-mangaro" (AKA Special Blend) x "Sira" (AKA Salt) - Hatched February 2024 - Male #3

Holdbacks/Individuals: The animal pictured above is the exact chameleon being made available. 

Hatch Range: February 6 - 19, 2024

Shipping Details: This Kreation is ready NOW for his forever home! We will get in touch with you directly via email to schedule your baby's delivery to the closest FedEx hub. 

Sire: "Samihafa-mangaro" (AKA Special Blend) (F9-CG13)
Showing him with two of his different looks to showcase how cool the "combo-bar" look can be! You can see more on his breeder page (linked above).

"Sira" (AKA Salt) (F9-CG13)

Dam's Sire: "Mirisike-ampo" (AKA Braveheart) (F8-CG12)
About this baby: It's all about the drama with these Special Blend boys!! It's actually a common theme I have been seeing in his offspring! While many of them have been reasonably easy going, the SECOND the camera is on them...it's on. This boy here was exactly like that! Another "boy chin wonder", super quick to throw his gular at me! He was actually cracking me up because he's still so small yet soooo serious when it comes to giving the camera the business. And my GOSH is he stunning. That gorgeous pale yellow with those bold blue bars that get some black in them when he's really telling the camera off! I'm obsessed!

About this pairing: 
F10-CG14 Ambilobe Group
Wow wow wow! This is one of those pairings where I feel like I don't quite know exactly what to expect, I just know it's going to be insane! Both sides of the family tree are SO special. It's in the name with the sire, Special Brew! He himself brings so many cool things to the table, especially being a "combo bar" who has toggled back and forth from being more red bar to more blue bar all throughout his life. He also brings a lot of yellow potential to the table which you know we love! And then there is mom! A daughter of Braveheart! Braveheart who has been responsible for producing some of the flashiest and most strikingly beautiful boys we have ever seen! This should be an absolute explosion of color. I for one cannot wait!

Chameleon Care and Housing: By purchasing one of our Kreations, you are agreeing to provide the best care and housing to him or her possible. To learn about how your new chameleon has been raised here with us, please view the "Care & Housing" segment of our website. As always, we are here and happy to help if you have any questions! 

Caging + Accessories: Getting your new chameleon's habitat ready?! Be sure to visit our online store for all of your caging and husbandry needs! 
NEW Cage Kits, now available!

Appropriate Cricket Size/Feeding Schedule:  1/4" sized crickets to start
Currently eating 6 days a week, around 10 - 15 crickets per feeding. We dust our crickets with Repashy's Calcium Plus before feeding them out. All of our bugs are also gutloaded with Repashy's Bug Burger and fresh fruits and vegetables. 

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Holdbacks/Individuals: Ambilobe offspring from "Samihafa-mangaro" (AKA Special Blend) x "Sira" (AKA Salt) - Hatched Dec 2023 - Female #1
Holdbacks/Individuals: Ambilobe offspring from "Samihafa-mangaro" (AKA Special Blend) x "Sira" (AKA Salt) - Hatched Dec 2023 - Female #1 $ 499.00
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