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Holdbacks/Individuals - Proven Breeder Sambava Male from "Doran Martell" x "Anfalas" - Hatched August 2019 - Male #2

NOTE- The animal who is pictured above is the EXACT animal being made available. 
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 "Doran Martell"


Dam's Sire: "Andor"

About this male- Proven breeder! Nearly one year of age, to the very date! This handsome guy has gone through a lot of different changes in his life and our guess is that he’s not done yet. He currently has a variety of different looks that he likes to show, from dark, bold patterning to more of a pastel look with bright yellows. We would love to see what he ends up turning into and hope that his new owner will send us an update in the future.
NOTE- Being nearly full grown and set in his ways, please be sure to read through our care guide. Keeping things “familiar” setup and care-wise is always beneficial for a chameleon who is acclimating to a new home, but we find this especially to be the case for older animals. Chameleons are creatures of habit and familiarity is important to them. We are here to answer any questions you may have
Note #2- this guy has a SPICY personality. This isn’t to say that he will not come around with some work and time, but if you are looking for something with a super easy going attitude, our recommendation would be going with a youngster who will be a bit easier to work with.

About this pairing - F7 (CG12) Sambava group!
Alright my #TeamSambava people! This is another brand new Sambava pairing that we are all feeling excited about! Doran Martell is such an exceptional creature, showing beautiful coloring (fired AND relaxed) with big and blocky looking "U" bars. On mamma's side, there is Andor who on his own is totally smoking and who has made some seriously gorgeous kiddos for us in the past. Should be such a great combo! 

*Hatch Range/Shipping Est: Hatched August 12 - 20, 2019  
Ready NOW for his forever home! We ship M-T-W of each week, for next day arrival and will contact you BEFORE shipping to make sure you are ready for your new Kreation. 

Chameleon Care and Housing: By purchasing one of our Kreations, you are agreeing to provide the best care and housing to him or her possible. To learn about how your new chameleon has been raised here with us, please view the Chameleon Care segment of our website. As always, we are here and happy to help if you have any questions! 

CHAMELEON HOMEWORK: Check out episode 001 of The Chameleon Breeder Podcast for some awesome tips!! 
Getting your new chameleon's habitat ready?! Be sure to visit our online store for all of your caging and husbandry needs! 

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