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F8-CG11 Nosy Be breeder here at Kammerflage!

So photogenic! Some are just more fun in front of the camera than others and Daru is one of those guys who always wants to look dead on at the lens. Kind of love that quality about him! 

Good looks run in the family!
Coming from a combination of two of our super long term Nosy Be bloodlines, Daru has some amazing potential to bring to the table. 
Daru's father is the outstandingly impressive Mithrandir who FUN FACT- is one of the few animals we have produced who will fire up almost 100% white! -

His grandsire on mom's side is our Thufir Hawat! Definitely see some similarities in the vibrant shade of sky blue that both animals are known for-

Glad to have him on #TeamNosyBe!

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