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Amon Anwar (F1-CG9)

SUCH a special F1 Sambava breeder for us here at Kammerflage!! Amon comes from a WC male called "Khal Drogo" who was wildly popular amidst our customers and our own team. Known for his dramatic fire up display and vivid resting colors, we had really hoped that one of his sons would carry out his fiery legacy. I can't imagine a better representative of the Sambava locale and his old man than Amon Anwar! Big, bold, and outstandingly gorgeous! We LOVE Mr. Anwar.

Good looks run in the family!
And Amon Anwar has that going for him on both sides in a prettttty major way! Take a look-

Amon's father, Khal Drogo (WC)

Amon's grandsire on mom's side, "Victarion"!
(Some of you will remember this face from the past! A big, beautiful, gentle giant of a chameleon who went along with us to many different shows around Southern CA. LOVE seeing his big huge influence today in his grandson, Amon Anwar!)

We love that Amon Anwar is such a perfect combination of both sides of his family tree, looks, size AND personality!
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