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"Ampiosongo-fantatra" (AKA Also Known As)
100% Ambilobe, "high blue"

Also Known As was given his name due to a recommendation that our friend Joshua Illencik made. Josh told us that after all of these years of doing the Malagasy to English translation on all of our Ambilobe breeders, we really just needed to name one “AKA”. So, here he is! 
A stunning, ultra-clean looking blue bar Ambilobe with a spicy and inquisitive personality! He is an oddball, and you guys already know what a heart we have for the weird ones! He is special to us for so many reasons, but our favorite feature of his are those crazy blue bars. For one thing, they are super clean, and thick…but the way that the middle bar has filled in with blue instead of having the more traditional “Y” of “V” shape is something that we haven’t really come across before. The blue on his belly has also really expanded, so with that and his super thick bars, in a way, he almost looks like an inverted image with blue being his “background color” and green being his bar color. Because of all of these features, we refer to him as a "high blue Ambilobe". All of us love him, but my dad in particular has become his #1 fan! We hope that you all love him too!

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