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Tondro (AKA Arrow)
A lovely blue on yellow son of Fantara (AKA Falling Star) and Hasaka-raozy (AKA Yellow Rose). This special F8 Ambilobe brings in some of our all-time favorites, combining Fantara's line and all of that gorgeousness along with the likes of Madio-maitso (AKA Clean Green) and Mavo-ra (AKA Yellow Blood) as well. Our hope was to enhance all of the prettiness that Fantara brings to the table with lots of yellow from Mavo-ra and that beautiful clean appearance that Madio-maitso was so well-known for. 

Tondro has turned out to be absolutely stunning! His gentle nature on top of it makes him such a special animal. Hope that you guys love him as much as we do! 

#KK_Arrow #KammerflageFamily #TeamAmbilobe

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