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Fajiry-mangaka (AKA Star Lite)

From the Fantara (AKA Falling Star) and Maditra (AKA Miscreant) pairing, Star Lite is 100% Ambilobe (F8 - CG11) with a delightfully unusual look!

 His stand-out trait is of course those superrr light bars. They go from a powdery blue to almost completely white depending on his mood and surroundings. With the way that the “in-between” red scale pigment sits next to the white, he sometimes even looks to have traces of light pink in those funky bars! See some examples below-

Aside from his obscure bar coloration, his overall body color remains very pastel at all times. He is quite a friendly guy and not tremendously big on firing up for the camera, but will still go completely yellow at times. Paired with that bright red spine, he really is an impressive looking animal. Probably not what one would think of when the word “Ambilobe” pops into their mind, but that’s exactly what we like to try and strive for 💛

#KK_StarLite #KammerflageFamily #TeamAmbilobe

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