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Angana-landy (AKA Blue Silk)
An absolutely incredible animal with SUCH a unique look. An F9-CG12 Ambilobe who has had so many different looks, it's almost like having 10 different chameleons in one. Here are a couple examples-

Some of his looks have exceeded even our wildest dreams! We think that he is prone to going through different "phases", sort of like what some refer to as the "winter funk", but maybe only a "partial funk". That at least is my personal theory for why he sometimes has very little red on him but at other times, has a whole lot of it! Whatever he has going on, we are alllllll about it!

Good looks run in the family!
Blue Silk's father is Avelo-kintana (AKA Ghost Star)-

Dam's sire is Karamba-ady (AKA Cage Combat)-

And half brother is Radiant Flame!-

We love him and are grateful to have this super unique boy on our team!

#KK_BlueSilk .. #KK_BlueSilkBaby .. #KammerflageKreations .. #KammerflageFamily

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