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Ihany-drako (AKA My Friend) (F8-CG11)

STORY TIME! And get ready because I just cannot say enough about Ihany-drako (AKA My Friend). Coming directly out of Ampiosongo-fantatra (AKA Also Known As), we had high hopes that My Friend would inherit some of his papa’s funky looks. My Dad has felt all along that there was something more to AKA’s blocky bars, and that maybe it was a genetic trait that could pass along to his offspring. After seeing those unmistakable bars pop up in his kids (My Friend included) time and time again, it’s hard to deny that there is possibly something to my Dad’s theory. But along with those unique looks, My Friend totally surprised us by taking on what seems to be AKA’s exact personality-type as well! Even down to some very specific quirks!! Let me try and explain. So for starters, both My Friend and his dad Also Known As did not start out friendly at all. They were both quite suspicious of their human admirers and veered towards the feisty side of the panther chameleon personality spectrum. With time and a strong love for food, both animals began to realize that maybe, just maybeeee us people weren’t the absolute worst since we were the ones making all of the good food appear. This alone is an interesting parallel but not unheard of. It’s not uncommon for panthers to come around with time, especially when food is used as a “trust building” tool. The quirk that is most bizarre is that both animals seemed to realize that if they made their “spot” right up in the very front of the cage, they might regularly catch someone’s attention and be rewarded with a juicy hand-held worm. Just walking through the facility, your eye would immediately go to their cage because while everyone else would be doing their own thing, oftentimes remaining more hidden in the dense foliage that we provide for our animals...AKA and My Friend could always be found front and center! For us, it’s just the coolest thing that the son of Also Known As is not only a spitting image of his beautiful papa, but also a clone personality and quirk-wise. In addition, we have actually had customers with Also Known As babies share very similar stories with us about their offspring from him!! A lot of their babies seem to also spend the majority of their time right in the front of their cage, even sometimes rushing out onto an outstretched arm as soon as the cage is open. Both AKA and My Friend got friendly enough where that became a thing on our end as well. So cool! For the longest time, we felt that personality was very much an individual thing and not something that was necessarily passed down from the parents. While there could still be some truth to that, Also Known As and his quirky kiddos have definitely challenged our thoughts on this topic. This is something we love about chameleons! No matter how long they have been a part of your life, there is always something more to learn!

A photo sequence of a very common interaction between My Friend and myself-

Good looks run in the family!
Even as early on, we could see that My Friend was going to take after his dad in a pretty special way. Check out these comparisons! -

^ Also Known As, showing off his chunky blue bars. Note how what would typically look like a "Y" or "U" shape is filled in with blue up top.

^ Young "My Friend", same chunky blue bars totally filled in up top.

^ Also Known As, shown here at a younger age. The black bars were a common fired up look for him.

^ My Friend, displaying a very similar fired up look with the same dark bars!

^ Also Known As with the big, red dot that sits in the center of his blocky blue bar.

^ His is a little bit smaller, but My Friend also has a red spot!!

How do you not love these two?!

So grateful for the good friend that we have in My Friend! We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have such a little clone (looks AND personality-wise) of one of our forever favorites, Ampiosongo-fantatra (AKA Also Known As).
Thank you My Friend for being YOU!

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