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Ianareo (AKA Ye)
A stunningly flashy F7 Ambilobe here at Kammerflage - King of the "blue kreep"!
What my Dad's term "the blue kreep" refers to is when the blue bars on an individual expand with age, so much so that they ultimately end up taking over the majority of the body. Much like the "true" yellow body blue bar look, orange body blue bar, and the red body blue bar look, it's something that we have had so much fun working with over the years. 

The blue kreep definitely runs in this family!
Take a look at Ianareo's father, "Mivanto-baba" (AKA Puff Daddy)- also infiltrated by the blue kreep. 

He's always had thick blue bars (it's in his blood!), but much like his father before him, Ianareo did not start out so overtaken by blue. At an earlier age, he showed features that are much more in line with what a lot of our red body blue bar Ambilobes show. Check it out! - 

For us personally, that is something very interesting and enjoyable about this particular look. It's a feature that usually creeps in over time, and watching such dramatic changes take place just couldn't be cooler!

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