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Mirana-isa (AKA Radiant One)
This handsome fellow sure has had no problem living up to his name! Looking into his family tree, just think...Fantara meets red body blue bar! Pretty cool right? Now living with some of our fellow chameleon enthusiast friends all the way in Japan, we are just so very happy to have had the opportunity to add some of his radiant good looks to a couple of our favorite Ambilobe lines.

Fantara meets RBBB!
Radiant One's sire, Fantara (AKA Falling Star) -

& Radiant One's grandsire (mom's side), Thunder -

Baby Radiant One had quite a different look!
Definitely took more after his old man Fantara earlier on in his development.

His reds definitely came in strong later on during his development.
We couldn't be happier with how he turned out!

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