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Why Kammerflage Kreations?


Here are many good reasons to consider us for your very next Panther Chameleon!

Colors That Make You Say "Wow"!

We specialize in amazing pieces of living art.  After 20 years of working with our various bloodlines, it is apparent that the “Ugly Gene” has been vanquished at Kammerflage Kreations!  Our years of selective breeding mean that even when purchasing a young panther, before it is “showing color”, you can have confidence that it will be a beauty! That’s the quality you can expect when you purchase from us!

Tremendous Selection

At any given time, you will find offspring hatched and available for sale, from 15 to 25 different sires! That means hundreds of babies available right now.  Compare us to any other panther chameleon breeder and you will find that our current list of available offspring far exceeds anyone else’s, day in, day out, all year long. This means you never have to settle for something you are not thrilled with.

Advantages of Buying Breeder Direct

As opposed to beinga “re-seller” of other's panther chameleons, we have known all of our animals from the day they hatched.  We know their exact age and sex . . .that’s right, even babies, no surprises here!  We know each baby's family history, in some cases, as far back as 12 generations!  You can rest easy that your panther has never had an interruption in excellence of care. He and his parents were hatched here and have been under our constant attention every day of their life . . . right up to the point we send them to you.


Over 38 years experience as chameleon keepers  Successfully bred 15 different species.  Bred, hatched and raised THOUSANDS of chameleons.  No one has made their living longer than we have by breeding chameleons . . . thanks to our many wonderful customers!


To produce gorgeous captive bred chameleons consistently is not an accident.   This is what we do, it is our passion and our profession…full time.  We have dedicated ourselves to refining our craft over many years.  What we have learned is poured into our chameleons and passed on to our customers, this is an enormous value.

You Don’t Need To Pay The Most To Get The Best

You can enjoy an extraordinary piece of “living art” from Kammerflage Kreations for a very competitive price . . . we are by no means the most expensive.  There are “cheaper” prices to be found, but when you consider the total value of a panther from us and the opportunity for being truly delighted, why settle for something cheap?  

Life Time Customer Service

We won’t disappear after the sale, your questions are always welcome.  Whether you purchased your chameleon 2 days ago, or two years ago, it doesn't matter.  We're always available for questions you might have.  E-mail or call us at - info@chameleonsonly.com or (951) 738-8388

We Will Get Your Chameleon To You Safe

It’s hard to imagine that anyone has shipped more chameleons safely, than we have.  The combination of 38 years shipping experience and the policy of always shipping chameleons old enough and strong enough to make the trip, is a sure winner.  When your shipment arrives and you open the box, you’ll know what we mean.  We are authorized by UPS and FedEx to ship our chameleons and use next day service. We track the weather and use heat or cold packs appropriately.

We Guarantee It

We offer a 5 day health guarantee so purchase with confidence. We know you’ll be pleased!