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Roa-ony (AKA Two Rivers)

An incredibly special, incredibly beautiful F8-CG11 Ambilobe breeder here at Kammerflage! He is a son of our beloved Fantara (AKA Falling Star), and as if that wasn't cool enough, his mama's side brings in our absolute favorite "true" yellow body blue bar bloodline! We couldn't be happier with this blue on yellow Ambilobe stud!

Two of our all time favorite Ambilobe bloodlines COLLIDE!
Roa-ony's father Fantara (AKA Falling Star) -

Twins?! Fantara (pictured first) and Roa-ony (second). It's almost impossible to tell the difference, right?!

Roa-ony's grandsire (mom's side), Mavo-ra -

We love how he has seemed to inherit our favorite qualities from each side of his beautiful family tree!
Sooo glad to have him on our team!

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