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Midorehitra-mpanjaka (AKA Crimson King)
A stunnnning, super unique looking F8-CG13 Ambilobe breeder for us here at Kammerflage!

He absolutely glows with a vibrant red/orange body and blue/purple bars!

Was a stand out pretty early on in his life! Check him out here at around 7 months!-

Interesting enough, he could NOT look any more different than his old man, Manome-toky (AKA Promise Keeper)!

Instead, he seems to be much more heavily influenced by his mother's side and is another great example of how much the dam's side of the family tree really does matter. This is his grandsire on mom's side, the very red Bakaina (AKA Divergent)-

Just a spectacular creature that we are very blessed to have on our team!

#KK_CrimsonKing .. #KK_CrimsonKingBaby .. #KammerflageKreations .. #KammerflageFamily .. #TeamAmbilobe

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