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Itso-triombe (AKA Green Giant)
A super special and aptly named F9-CG12 Kreation.

Big, beautiful, gentle giant. He comes from one of our "true" yellow body blue bar bloodlines that is known to produce individuals who keep a 100% yellow body, 100% of the time and does show a LOT of yellow!

Here is a photo of him showing "regular/relaxed" colors-

Here he is in a slightly more "fired up" state-

And a more recent photo showing him in his yellow outfit which has become much more prevalent with age.
Another interesting thing about Itso-triombe (AKA Green Giant) is that he went through a VERY pastel phase. For the longest time, his colors were quite pale! We still do not know what causes some animals to go through this "funky" color-phase but we love it! For whatever reason, they typically come out of it more vibrant than ever, and that certainly seems to be the case for our Green Giant.

There is so much to love about this big, beautiful, and gentle Green Giant! We are sooo glad to have him on our team!

#KK_GreenGiant #TeamAmbilobe #KammerflageKreations #KammerflageFamily

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