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"Fanaperana" (AKA Pristine)
Such an appropriately named animal! Looks = Pristine! Personality = Pristine! Absolutely love this sweet, beautiful boy!!! (F9-CG14)
Good looks run in the family!
Pristine is a son of our beloved Secret Weapon! While he has gone in a unique direction of his own, we definitely still see a lot of his dad's influence in him. The yellow is an obvious one but also that solid red spine and his bright blue bars which do go very light when fired up.

And even slightly more than his dad, take a look at this picture of Pristine's grandpa "Star Lite"!! -

There is that red spine again and you can also totally see where all of the red and orange around his face and limbs comes from! So cool!

Young Pristine

We love him and are so glad to have him on our team!

#KammerflageKreations #KammerflageFamily #KK_Pristine

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