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"Gurney Halleck"
A beautiful F1 Nosy Be with a funny sounding name! .. (I am told by my dad that it comes from the sci-fi series, "Dune")

He comes from a WC father who features a lot of traits that are associated with WC Nosy Be. His mother is from some of our finest long term "true blue" Nosy Be lines. Take a look! - - -
Gurney's father, "Blue Moon" (WC)-

Gurney's grandsire on mom's side, "Stilgar" (Long term Kammerflage CB true blue lines)-

Something funny about photographing Gurney Hallack is that he always gets superrrr shy in front of the camera at first.

Definitely makes for some cute photos!

And after he has a moment to warm up, the camera totally loves him-

#KK_GurneyHallack - - #TeamNosyBe - - #KammerflageFamily 

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