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Mithrandir - 
Mithrandir is an F6-CG10 Nosy Be from the Finwe x Rohana pairing. Taking after his pretty papa in such an amazing way, Mithrandir is big, beautifully blue, and a total and complete BOSS! If I were a rival male, I do not think I would want to accidentally find myself in his bush!
When fired up, Mithrandir goes full "Gandalf the White", trading out almost all of his blue color pigment for a pure white cloak instead. Take a look at this interesting fire up sequence -

Pretty impressive, right?!

He's an amazing animal who we are all so proud to have on #TeamNosyBe!

#KK_Mithrandir #KK_MithrandirBaby #KammerflageKreations #TeamNosyBe

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