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Select clutches that are eligible for pre-purchase are very young, already hatched-out groups.  These babies are often greatly anticipated, in high demand and/or have limited numbers available. In some cases, groups included in this category may also be a “last chance opportunity” for offspring from a particular sire, dam or pairing. Be sure to read through each group’s description for important details. Due to supply & demand, these little ones are priced accordingly.  Pre-Order babies are at a young age of constant change, so individual photos are unavailable.  Group details include:  hatch date range, bloodline information and photos of family members (when available) to give an idea of future potential. 

A great option for those who have their heart set on a much anticipated pairing, don’t want to miss out on a baby from a retiring breeder, don’t mind waiting a little bit for their baby, and are ok with not seeing photos of the exact little one beforehand and trusting us to send a lovely baby to you. Please keep in mind that once the baby is ready to leave us, arrangements will be made for immediate arrival.  Scheduling takes place on a chronological basis. First-come, first-served beginning with the oldest babies leaving on down to the youngest, until each Kreation is in his/her new home!

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