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Chameleon Care

Kammerflage Kreations Chameleon Care Info.pdf

If you read information on chameleon care and maintenance, you will see varying methods of approach to many subjects such as housing, watering, heat, UVB lighting, feeding, supplementation and breeding. The chameleon care information we provide for our customers comes from our individual experience with the animals we love and care for.
When it comes to welcoming a chameleon into your new home, we do see a great benefit in keeping things familiar. This seems to be especially the case during the acclimation period. Because of this, we ask our customers to take the time to become familiar with the way that their chameleon has been raised while in our care. We urge that similar conditions are provided so that the chameleon does not have to adjust to entirely different settings upon arrival. This has the potential to create complications that could otherwise be avoided.
Your past and future experiences with chameleons may vary to one degree or another. What we have to offer in the way of advise or suggestions is by no means the "only way" or approach. We are grateful however to have a system that works well for us and our customers who choose to follow. Our hope is that the chameleon care instructions and warnings that we have learned along the way, may be beneficial to those who are interested. Any specific care questions or subject matters we have not covered, we would be happy to address with you, one on one, via e-mail or a phone call.
Chameleon care is like a fine art that is continually undergoing refinement. As we personally press forward and learn more about these magnificent creatures, we will update our care information as well.
Best wishes to each one of you as you continue to gain knowledge and experience with our common interest,

Kammerflage Kreations Chameleon Care Info.pdf


Enclosure -

Our “top pick” for babies and adults

Other Acceptable Cage Dimensions - 
Baby Size:       24"L x 12"W x 24"H
Juvenile Size:  24"L x 16"W x 30"H
Adult Size:       30"L x 18"W x 36"H


Lighting - 


(1) Zoo Med ReptiSun T-8 Terrarium Hood
(1) Zoo Med ReptiSun 5.0 Fluorescent Bulb

NOTE: The strength of your UVB bulb will need to depend on cage size. Zoo Med's T8 Reptisun 5.0 has served us well for many years, even in larger cage sizes as long as the appropriate basking site is provided. However, for large/taller (48" and above) cage sizes, the newer and stronger Zoo Med T5 Reptisun (high output) 5.0 may be an option worth considering since it is stronger and gives off more light.  

(1) Fluker's Repta Clamp Lamp with Switch
(1) Zoo Med Repti Basking Spot Lamp - Wattage will depend on cage size and ambient room temperature.


Thermometer & Humidity Gauge -
(1) Fluker's Digital Thermo-Hygrometer


Cage Interior (plants, branches, vines) -
Plants (live, artificial, or a combination of both) - Foliage is a critical component to a chameleon's environment as plants and leaves provide natural coverage and security for your chameleon.  For artificial options, we prefer plastic over silk. Something like Zoo Med’s Natural Bush Plants (Lrg) work great. If you go with live, MAKE SURE they are non-toxic and properly SANITIZED before including, as not to accidentally poison your chameleon. We like pothos, ficus, umbrella trees, and money trees

Branches - We are BIG on branches here at Kammerflage. In reality, chameleon "live on the branches, surrounded by foliage."  Branches serve as perches, pathways, and basking sites. It is important not to skimp on them, and we usually include 6 + in each of our enclosures. If you do not wish to collect and sanitize your own or would like to get an idea of what works best, here is a link to our Kammerflage Chameleon Branches.

Vines - We like Zoo Med’s Flexible Hanging Vines and Exo Terra Jungle Vines. Use vines to connect branches, making little highways for your chameleon to travel around on all throughout his or her cage.


Hydration/Humidity -
Automated Misting System (preferred): We recommend Mist King or Exo-Terra’s Monsoon
Providing Water Manually: (1) Spray Bottle & (1) Dripper (i.e. Zoo Med's Little Dripper)


Supplements/Cricket Gutload -
(1) Repashy Calcium Plus 3.5 oz.
 (all in one supplement!)
(1) Repashy Bug Burger - 17.6 oz. (Gutload)



Kammerflage Kreations Chameleon Care Info.pdf