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Dazzy Vance - 
A beautifully blue F1 Nosy Be breeder for us here at Kammerflage! His papa "Don Drysdale" is a wild caught Nosy Be and mama "Ayala" is an F7 captive bred Nosy Be from some of our finest true blue bloodlines. We couldn't be happier with this handsome fellow, and all of the diverse beauty he carries!

50 shades of...BE?! (Haha, I'm sorry...I couldn't resist!)
Depending on his mood, Dazzy Vance will go from a patterned, deeper blue look as you can see here -

To a soft, powdery blue -

To a vivid turquoise! -

We enjoy all of his looks and are so glad to have him on Team Nosy Be!

#KK_DazzyVance #KK_DazzyVanceBaby #KammerflageKreations #TeamNosyBe

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