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Manome-toky (AKA Promise Keeper)
A special F8 Ambilobe here at Kammerflage!

He's a real favorite around here due to his easy going and inquisitive personality. Taking photos of him is always an event because rather than sitting still or fluffing up for a photo, he would much rather twist around to crawl off of the branch and up onto the top of my head.

(I have countless photos of him that are just like this, haha)

(and look at that! A baby photo of Promise Keeper doing the same exact thing!)

Color-wise, he seems to be "keeping his promise" by going into a full time yellow body look. His mother comes from our finest "true" yellow body blue bar bloodlines which is known for animals who keep a full yellow body while relaxed...not only when fired up or inspired by a lady friend. It's an uncommon look that we are all quite fond of! While we would have loved him no matter what, we saw a lot of promise in Mr. Promise Keeper at an early age, leading us to think he would maybe go in a similar direction. With age, more and more yellow has decided to take over, and finally...he's almost 100% yellow bodied 100% of the time.

(recent photo showing him in a completely relaxed state)

He's got the looks and PLENTY of charm! Promise Keeper will forever be a favorite!

#KK_PromiseKeeper - #KK_PromiseKeeperBaby - #KammerflageFamily - #TeamAmbilobe

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