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Part of our "Kammer Candy" series, Rocky is a beautiful red on blue F7-CG11 Ambanja breeder here at Kammerflage!

A little family history - - -
Rocky comes from our "Kammer Candy" series which combines long term Kammerflage Ambanja bloodlines with some of Tree Candy Chameleon's killer blue/blurple Ambanja bloodlines.
His father is our "Turambar", and as you can probably see in the photo below...I think we know where Rocky is getting his red from!-

Rocky's grandsire on mom's side, "Jon Snow" -

The Tree Candy connection - - Kobalt's great grandsire on mom's side, the famous "Bonsai" from Tree Candy Chameleons! -

(Photo credit to Bonsai's owner, the fabulous Shauna Garcia!)

I think it's really cool when an animal seems to take after each side almost equally! Rocky is definitely special in that way.

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