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Mirisike-ampo (AKA Braveheart)
A gorgeous F8-CG12 who is taking our "blue kreep" look to the next level!

Good looks run in this family!
My dad came up with the term "blue kreep" for ambilobes who come from a specific bloodline where the blue bars expand with age in a way that they ultimately end up taking over the majority of the body. Much like the yellow body blue bar look, orange body blue bar, and the red body blue bar look, it's something that has taken time to refine but well worth the work when we watch animals like Braveheart emerge out of it! It's not a look that you would likely see in nature but much more the product of a long term selective breeding project. This is what my dad really enjoys being able to do as a breeder! 
See a photo of Braveheart's father "Ianareo" (AKA Ye) below-

Something else that we love about Braveheart is his confident personality and the blue and red that stays around his face! See where he gets his name?? Another good one via Ed Kammer!

We consider ourselves so very fortunate to have him on our team and look forward to seeing where his offspring take the blue kreep!

#KK_Braveheart .. #TeamAmbilobe .. #KammerflageFamily .. #KammerflageKreations

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