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"Mr. Clutch"
A lovely F6 (CG-13) Ambanja here at Kammerflage.

A name with some meaning -
Mr. Clutch was named by my dad after former Laker player and General Manager, Jerry West. My dad gave me a little Laker's history lesson explaining that Jerry West (AKA Mr. Clutch) was the one responsible for bringing an 18 year old Kobe Bryant to the team. The legendary purple and gold Ambanja by the name of "Kobe" just so happens to be in our Mr. Clutch's family tree (nice one dad!). He has also "come in clutch" for us and our own Ambanja breeding efforts giving a third meaning behind his way. To say we are happy to have him on OUR team would be seriously downplaying how special this guy is to us.

Good looks run in this family! -
Hard not to notice the similarities in Mr. Clutch and his dashing old man, our very own Johnny Cash! See below-

The one big difference I would say is that Mr. Clutch seems to have a littttle bit more yellow in his green base coloring. Our holy grail Ambanja look is the green/yellow fire up + purple bar combo and we think we are very close to getting it with Mr. Clutch! 

Diving deeper, here is Mr. Clutch's grandsire "Komet"! -

Komet's greens were even more to the blue side of things than his son, Johnny Cash's. So fun seeing the progression of this bloodline!

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