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Turin -
A beautiful Kammer Candy boy from the Turambar x Jelly Belly pairing!

Good looks run in the fam!
Handsome Turin combines some of our favorites with Atanatar as the grandsire on dad's side and Tree Candy's blue/plurple influence coming at him from mama's side!
Here is a quick visual tour of his fabulous family tree - - -

Turin's big, beautiful red on turquoise father, "Turambar" -

Turin's famous grandsire on dad's side, Atanatar! -

The Tree Candy Connection! Turin's great grandsire on mom's side, the outstanding Bonsai (owned by our good friend Shauna of Tree Candy Chameleons) -

Now, more on Turin - - -

He has gone through some changes throughout his life here with us!

We love all of his looks so much!

Thank you for being YOU Turin!

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