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Johnny Cash -
A beautifully multi-colored F6 (CG12) Ambanja boy here at Kammerflage! Johnny Cash has become a real favorite around the headquarters due to his mellow and inquisitive personality!

Johnny Cash is a son of the lovely Komet! Though he has his own unique qualities, we can definitely still see some similarities!

Johnny Cash has a lot of red spotting on his body. Especially in his bars!
Something funny that I noticed recently is how he totally has happy faces on his right side, and a couple frowns on the left! Can you see? -

Such a cool guy! We are glad to have this mellow Banja on our team!

#KK_JohnnyCash, #KK_JohnnyCashBaby, #TeamAmbanja, #KammerflageKreations, #KammerflageFamily

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