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Stunning F6 (CG-11) blue bodied Ambanja who comes from a combination of some of our long term Ambanja bloodlines + wild genes.
Ch ch ch Changes!
Here are some photos of Mr. Palantir throughout his life here with us -

Baby Tar-Palantir

Young adult Tar-Palantir

Tar-Palantir now

Good looks run in the family!
Even coming from an F1 mother, our long term Ambanja genes seem to be shining through in Mr. Palantir! He is almost a spitting image of his pretty papa, Tar-Aldarion. (No complaints here!)

DRAMA - - - Tar-Palantir fire up!
When expressing himself, Tar-Palantir almost looks like a totally different animal. The reds really pop as he trades in the deeper blue for a much paler version.

We just love Tar-Palantir and are SO glad to have him!
#KK_TarPalantir / #KK_TarPalantirBaby / #TeamAmbanja / #KammerflageKreations

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