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A beautiful, red and blue Nosy Be from a combination of WC bloodlines and some of our long term "true blue" bloodlines!

What's your flavor?!
Not everyone is aware that Nosy Bes in Madagascar do not typically look like the Nosy Bes we see more commonly in captivity. With "solid blue" and the "true blue" look being the focus for many Nosy Be breeding programs, red, green, and some of the other characteristics that wild Bes are known for are seen less and less in captivity. We love both looks and feel so fortunate to be able to work with both! Radagast is everything that we love about a more "natural" looking Be!

Good looks run in the family!
Take a look at Radagast's pretty papa, Pepper! Another Be with more of the "wild" look!
Thank you Radagast for providing us with that natural Nosy Be flare that we love so much!

(And also for being so cute!)

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