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Fampoehana-ambony! (AKA Buckle Up!) - F9-CG14
My Dad always does suchhh a good job naming our guys and gals and truthfully...I don't think there is a better name out there for our Buckle Up here. From the START, he has been an absolute force to be reckoned with! One of the few animals that I still call my Dad for when it's time to take him out of his cage. And while we could possibly do with a couple less of his triangle-shaped tooth kisses, we love him for exactly who he is! 

Spicy from the start!
Here are a couple photos of a younger Buckle Up!

We absolutely love this handsome, beast of an Ambilobe! So grateful to have him (and his toothy grin) on our team!
#KK_BuckleUp #KK_BuckleUpBaby #KammerflageKreations #KammerflageFamily

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