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Ingahy-mahagaga (AKA Mr. Wonderful)

A perfectly named F9-CG13 Ambilobe breeder for us here at Kammerflage!

Something so cool about Mr. Wonderful is that recently, his bars have been turning nearly white when he's fired up or "inspired"! It's not something we see often in our Ambilobes but there has been another animal in his family tree who was known for doing the same. So cool to see the trait pop up later down the line with Mr. Wonderful!

Pictured here is Mr. Wonderful's grandsire, Giga-vony (AKA Old Yeller) sporting his fired up, white bars!
Giga-vony (Old Yeller)

Ever since he was a little guy, we could tell he was going to be special.

He's grown into such a handsome guy!

Mr. Wonderful truly is wonderful! So glad to have him on our team!

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