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Mpiambina (AKA Watchman)

A drop dead gorgeous F9-CG12 Ambilobe breeder for us here at Kammerflage who comes from some of our finest "true" yellow body blue bar bloodlines!

Good looks run in this family!
Coming from some of our very best "true" yellow body blue bar bloodlines which is known for animals who keep a full yellow body while relaxed and not only when fired up or inspired by a lady friend, we are quite happy with the way this handsome fellow seems to be following in his papa's footsteps. The full time yellow body look is still not something that we see happen super often but we are starting to see more consistency. Here is a photo of Watchman's father "Promise Keeper", showing his every day yellow outfit-

We love this beautiful piece of living art and are so glad to have him on our team!

#KK_Watchman - #KK_WatchmanBaby - #KammerflageFamily - #TeamAmbilobe

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