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"Khal Drogo"
An over the top stunning WC male who is everything that we love about the Sambava locale x 1 BILLION. Appearance-wise, how do you not love his look? Beautiful red and orange on green with the most dramatic fire up, like...ever. For a wild caught male, he has an uncharacteristically mellow personality, and is so much fun to take photos of. I really couldn't say enough about him, and am just so glad to have him in our care.

Khal Drogo, full fire up mode!

Khal Drogo in his relaxed outfit.

More of the handsome Khal Drogo -

(He has the cutest sloped nose!) 

Thank you Khal Drogo for being A M A Z I N G!

#KK_KhalDrogo / #KK_KhalDrogoBaby / #KammerflageKreations / #TeamSambava / #KammerflageFamily


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