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Koa-mbola! (AKA And Still!) 
A stunning F8 Ambilobe with a striking resemblance to his popular old man, Ampiosongo-fantatra (AKA Also Known As)!

Good looks run in the family!
Ampiosongo-fantatra (AKA Also Known As) has been a real favorite around here. He has some unique qualities that we had really hoped would pass along to some of his kiddos...preferably our "keeper". So happy with how much And Still! has decided to take after his old man! Take a look! -

Koa-mbola! (AKA And Still!)

And Still!'s sire, Ampiosongo-fantatra (AKA Also Known As)

See the similarities?! Perhaps the biggest stand out is the way that the blue pigment fills in the upper portion of both father and son's "Y" bar. It's a unique feature that we all love about Also Known As so seeing it pass along to some of his kiddos has been awesome! They both also have that lovely red dorsal crest and the ability to put on those dark and contrasty bars when a bit irritated or showing off.

More Koa-mbola! (AKA And Still!) -

And pictured here as a baby! That face! Such a cute little guy! -

So glad to have him on our team, and hope that like his dad, And Still! may pass some of those extra unique qualities to his kiddos as well!

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