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"Tena-rambahina" (AKA Body Snatcher)
An extra-flashy F1 blue bar Ambilobe!

Sometimes even I'm thrown for a little loop by my dad's extra creative names! In Body Snatcher's case, my dad is referring to the way that his blue bars expanded with age, kind of taking over his body over time. While unrelated, the look reminds us a lot of what some of our other Ambilobe bloodlines have been known to do. The look that my dad has referred to as the "blue creep". Hey! Another good one Mr. Kammer!

Good looks run in the family!
Body Snatcher's WC father "Haolo-soavaly" (AKA Wild Horse) had somewhat of a similar look! Check out the thick blue bars on him -

Aside from the extra red speckling on Wild Horse, aren't they so similar?!

Such a handsome boy! Looking forward to seeing what his kiddos are all about!

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