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Kammerflage Chameleon Branches - 3/LOT - various sizes

    • Unlike most commercially available “reptile wood,” which is usually too thick and bulky, our “Chameleon Branches” are specifically selected for the specialized “gripping” requirements of chameleons.
    • Pre-cut to fit most standard size screen cages. Simply measure the width of your cage (left to right) and select the “Chameleon Branches” for that size cage.
    • Designed for gently wedging in between the screen cage’s sides, horizontally or diagonally. No need for any hanging or attaching devices.
    • As a climber, a chameleon’s environment is only as big as his/her ability to comfortably access the space. When properly located, “Chameleon Branches” will provide a natural way to make the most of your pet's space.
    • Great for attaching and supporting artificial vines and plants.
    • Field collected by us, including the same varieties we have used in our own facility for many, many years (proven safe).
    • Sanitized and ready to use.
    • Sure to enhance the beauty and function of your chameleon’s habitat.

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